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Process & Products

JKF's programme consists of staple fibres processed out of the genera Hibiscus and Corchorus. Kenaf, an annual, herbaceous plant is the most common species of the genus Hibiscus. Jute fibre is obtained from two closely related species, Corchorus capsularis L. and Corchorus olitorius L.

Depending on the requirements of the final product and/or the used process technology of our customers the selection of the basic raw material is the starting point of our production. The quality of the basic raw material determines the fibre properties of tenacity, elongation and cleanness. For the reason that these fibre characteristics determining later the quality of the composites material, JKF attach highest importance to the entire sector of basic raw material purchase.

Converting raw material to staple fibres with specific properties the fibres have to complete several sorting divisions. Brightness, colour, structure, staple length, smell and homogeneity of the natural fibre determining the entire product quality.

Our most selling brands products for the automotive applications are as follows:

Kenaf Cuttings 60mm, Code: NFC/KP.FC1.60 (12410) Kenaf Cuttings 60mm, Code: JKF/KP.FC1.60
Kenaf Cuttings 60mm, Code: NFC/KP.HD.60 (12559) Kenaf Cuttings 60mm, Code: JKF/KP.HD.60
Kenaf Cuttings 70mm, Code: NFC/KC1.HD.70 (12344) Kenaf Cuttings 70mm, Code: JKF/KC1.HD.70
Kenaf Cuttings 90mm, Code: NFC/KP.FC2.90 (12459) Kenaf Cuttings 90mm, Code: JKF/KP.FC2.90
Kenaf Cuttings 30mm, Code: NFC/KP.FC1.30 Kenaf Cuttings 30mm, Code: JKF/KP.FC1.30

Despite Jute/ Kenaf/ Meshta machines cut, chopped, staples fibres we are also exporters of mostly selling / exporting RAW jute/ Kenaf/ Meshta GRADES AND FORMS as listed below:

Kenaf Special Bangla Tossa C Bangla White C
Kenaf A Bangla Tossa D Bangla White D
Kenaf B Bangla Tossa E Bangla White E
Kenaf C Bangla Tossa Cuttings A (BTCA) Bangla White Cuttings A (BWCA)
Special Meshta Cuttings (SMC) Bangla Tossa Cuttings B (BTCB) Bangla White Cuttings B (BWCB)
Ordinary Meshta Cuttings (OMC) Bangla Tossa Habijabi Bangla White Habijabi